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Institute of Research for Development


Bernard Hugueny


Pablo Tedesco

pabloPablo A. Tedesco is a river ecologist at the IRD (France) interested in the current and historical environmental factors that explain the spatial and temporal distribution of freshwater fish and macroinvertebrate communities in tropical and temperate regions as a function of their biological traits and following a multi-scale approach. From a ‘fundamental’ point of view, his recent works focus on the mechanisms responsible for diversity patterns (speciation, extinction, dispersal) by including evolutionary approaches to the above ecological framework (phylogeny trees, fossil record, geomorphology of drainage basins). From an ‘applied’ point of view, he is also interested in evaluating the effects of environmental perturbations related to human activities on the vulnerability of species.

Stephanie Januchowski-Hartley

Stephanie is motivated to solve pressing global conservation problems. She grew up in Michigan, USA, near the shores of Lake Michigan, and studied the lands and waters there until 2006. As a dedicated researcher and educator, over the last decade she has traveled the world conducting scientific research to improve our understanding about the natural world, and about the relationships between humans and nature. She also communicates and shares stories about science, conservation and nature, and does this through diverse mediums including haiku and other poetry forms, sketching and drawing, photography and macro & micro blogging. She shares stories about my own as well as others’ research through in-person and online webinars for schools and communities.

Gaël Grenouillet

Céline Bellard

Celine Jezequel

Leroy Boris

Thierry Oberdorf