Norway – The Team

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology

ntnuProfessor Anders Finstad and PhD candidate Sam Perrin of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) will coordinate studies into dispersal ability of invasive fish (WP1) and the effects of invasion and climate change on fish communities (WP2).

Anders Finstad

andersAn associate professor at Department of Natural History, Anders’ current research involves community dynamics, population dynamics and resulting species distribution of freshwater organisms, particularly fish populations, with emphasis on cumulative effects of anthropogenic and natural induced environmental fluctuations.



Sam Perrin


Sam completed his MSc at the University of Bremen, Germany, writing his thesis on exchange at the CBD in 2016. Sam completed his BSc at the University of Melbourne. Having grown up in Australia, Sam has a keen interest in mitigating the effects of invasive species on native communities.


The Norwegian Institute for Nature Research


Stefan Blumentrath will lead the construction of the project’s management tools and all GIS related work, while Ingeborg Palm-Helland will lead stakeholder engagement during WP4.


Stefan Blumentrath


Ingeborg Palm-Helland