Spain – The Team

University of Girona

Emili García-Berthou

emili.jpgEmili García-Berthou holds a Ph.D. in Biology (1994) and is Professor of Ecology at the Institute of Aquatic Ecology of the University of Girona (Girona, Spain), where he is head of the Research Group on Ecology of Inland Waters (GRECO). His research interests focus on the ecology of freshwater fish, with emphasis on invasive species and other anthropogenic perturbations, and the application of statistical methods in ecology. He has published over 180 publications (> 110 in international scientific journals), has led a number of research projects, has supervised 13 completed Ph.D. theses, and is currently member of the editorial boards of the journals Biological Invasions, Neobiota, and Neotropical Ichthyology. He coordinates the ODYSSEUS team at the University of Girona.

Josep Mas-Pla

Dr Josep Mas-Pla is Associate professor at the Department of Environmental Science, University of Girona. His research is focused to the field of regional hydrogeology, including field work, based on hydrogeological, hydrochemical and isotopic data, in order to understand and quantify hydrological processes, to evaluate water resources and groundwater quality. Other areas of research include the interaction between surface water and groundwater in alluvial aquifers, considering the related ecohydrological impacts and the analysis of groundwater vulnerability to nitrate pollution.

Anna Menció

AnnaMencioAnna Menció holds a Pd.D. in Environmental Sciences (2006) and is Associate Professor of Hydrogeology at the Environmental Sciences Department of the University of Girona (Spain). Her research is focused on water resources availability and dynamics under human pressure, based on hydrochemical, isotopic and potentiometric data, at regional (watershed) and local (surface water-groundwater relationship) scales; as well as on pollution occurrence, dynamics and reactions affecting groundwater systems. She has published 25 publications in international scientific journals, has participated as researcher of a number of national and international research projects, as well as research contracts, leading some of them.

Johannes Radinger

Dr Johannes Radinger is a Post Doctoral Research Associate at the University of Girona (Spain), Research Group on Ecology of Inland Waters (GRECO). His background is river ecology and his research expertise relates to the modelling of spatial patterns and processes such as species-habitat relationships (e.g. species distribution models and habitat suitability models) and dispersal of biota to aid conservation and management of rivers. In particular, he is interested in the development and application of free and open source (geospatial) software and models for the investigation of various aspects of riverine ecology. Johannes completed his diploma degree in Environmental Land- and Water Management at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna (Austria) and his doctoral degree at the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB, Germany) where his work was focussed on modelling fish dispersal and assessing fish assemblages in catchments affected by multiple pressures.

Juan Diego Alcaraz-Hernández

Dr Juan Diego Alcaraz-Hernández is a Post Doctoral Research Associate at the University of Girona (Spain), Research Group on Ecology of Inland Waters (GRECO). Click here for his research interests and here for a list of his publications.